Zyto Scan

How Does Zyto Technology Work?

This new technology uses Galvanic skin response testing (similar to a lie detector) to ask your body questions via the nervous system. It can detect subtle changes that cannot be detected with a normal examination. This process is called bio communication and it represents the latest in health care technology.

The Zyto technology sends a small wave of energy into your body that represents an energetic frequency and then reads the response your body has to that energy wave. It can help to determine what organs are under stress and what supplements might be therapeutic for that particular stress.

zyto scan

You no longer have to guess what supplements you need to take to enjoy better health and healing. There is no pain with the examination, and it can be retaken in the future to see how your body responds to the recommendations.

Your personal report will track your stress profile and make a list of bio-markers that are in phase, and out of phase as demonstrated below. Bio-markers are individual test groups that are scanned during your examination.

zyto scan technology

Then the technology will list individual stressor markers for each organ system of your body. This organ may not be producing symptoms at the time of the exam but can tell you that extra attention to that organ might be a good idea.

The technology then finds what supplementation will reduce the stress signals from your body, so you have a customized program based on science. Scans are recommended on a monthly basis.

* Available in Canal Winchester Only

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