Detox Foot Bath

The systematic process of the footbath displaces toxins out of cells. The footbath consists of a solution of the Sea-Onic concentrate in which an electrical current is passing through. The array placed in the water produces bubbles of gas as well as bubbles of liquid. These bubbles are tiny and contain molecules. As these liquid bubbles come in contact with the skin, the pH of the skin will fluctuate locally around the average pH of the footbath which allows them to penetrate the skin.

detox foot bath
detox footbath
foot detox

The combination of electrical attraction and small cluster size allows the bubbles to enter the pores of the skin and make their way into the lymphatic system. Once inside the lymphatic system the liquid bubbles release minerals. This generally raises the pH of the lymph towards the optimal value of 7.4. This in turn will start to displace old lymph with much lower values. The old lymph then gets pushed toward the immune system or back into the footbath water. The pH level will stay at this healthy value indefinitely, provided that a suitable nutritional program is undertaken to maintain it.


Dr. Royal Rife did remarkable research in the Harmonic frequency massage field. He discovered the natural health frequencies of our body's various organs. He found that by playing these frequencies to unhealthy organs, we can restore them. This therapy is called Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and this has been added to our Detoxification Footbath Treatment. The PEMF is FDA approved.

During the footbath a small pillow will be placed at the base of your back. It works by radiating electrical energy in form of magnetic pulses toward unhealthy body parts. The electrical signals stimulate the nerves and cells and help enhance cell repair. PEMF has been shown to provide exceptional results in healing soft tissue wounds and inflammation. It covers a wide range of problems and even aids in bone repair and growth.


* Available in Canal Winchester Only

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